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My Essential Style fashion feng shui consultation with Jennifer Newman has been a game-changer AND a money saver! Since, I’ve curated the perfect wardrobe for my metal body type with all those gorgeous water patterns I’ve always loved. Shopping is no longer frustrating—I can appreciate those columnar wood pieces on the hangers without trying to force them to fit. (’Cause alas, they rarely do.)  Jennifer’s intuitive counsel and caring style made this whole process fun. Plus her killer fashion sense is amazing to tap into!

Tali Edut
Founder AstroTwins

"After my consult with Jennifer I am able to confidently experiment with clothing and accessories that I NEVER would have tried before! I always wear some sort of accessory to complete my look, something I never bothered with before. I know why I always gravitate to certain styles but now I know how to add the other elements in. Definitely add on the color consultation, that was life changing! I thought I couldn’t wear certain colors that I loved, I was so wrong!! I refer back to my consultation with Jennifer often, and always when I do I receive compliments on my look. Thank you Jennifer!"

Events Manager

"I have known Jennifer for years and have always admired her sense of style, so naturally I thought of her when I needed to overhaul my wardrobe. I worked in the restaurant business in my twenties and early thirties, wearing all black at work and mostly jeans and t-shirts when not at work. When I moved into my nine-to-five office job a few years ago I had no idea how to dress. I couldn't seem to pull off a blazer without feeling like I was playing "dress-up" and was shopping nearly every weekend because I could never seem to find the right balance of comfortable/attractive/professional. Through 2 sessions with Jennifer I gained a brand new perspective on fashion! Learning to balance the elements and finding what kind of colors, cuts, and fabrics work best for me gave me a huge confidence boost! And I'm choosing accessories and jewelry with purpose. It really helps to pull a "look" together instead of feeling like I've just piled on a bunch of random found objects. I recommend a session with Jennifer for anyone who enjoys fashion. You'll feel like a whole new person!"

Senior AccounT Manager
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