personal style readingS

We work together to determine your unique Elemental Makeup; your Essence, Intentions and Appearance.  You take away tools for shopping in your own closet, styling and flattering your appearance.  Sessions In-person and online!

2 hours    $180

Essential Colors® Consultation:

Using the Five Elements, we discover your personal colors.  Much more in-depth than the Four Seasons approach to personal colors, Essential Color® Consultations take a deep dive into the subtleties of your unique skin, eye and hair colors. 

We determine your best colors in one of 16 Essential Color® Palettes. You will have your own personal palette to carry with you when shopping for clothes and makeup. 

2 hours    $190

Small Group
Five-element personal style Workshops

Discovering your Elemental Energies with friends is fun and illuminating! Great for girl’s nights, professional development groups and parties.


A fantastic second step to the Five- Element Personal Styling Process. Together, we find what hidden gems you already have in your closet, what might be missing, and what needs to be set free.


about me.

I’m Jennifer Newman, a Colorado Springs based Fashion Feng Shui® Facilitator and Essential Colors® Certified Consultant. I love working (and playing) with the Five Elements, as we each have our own unique elemental energy signature. When we align with these energies and honor our essential selves, our souls shine and it shows through in our appearance. When we wear colors that harmonize with our appearance, our skin looks healthy and radiant, and we exude beauty and confidence. This process of transformation is life-changing, and it is my passion and joy to share this with my clients.



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